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Tech Talk


An aircraft's starter is only one component of its starting system.  Many other factors besides the health of the starter affect an aircraft's ability to start on one to three blades (as most all aircraft should).  This Tech Letter section is designed to provide more insight into the inner workings of aircraft starting & electrical systems and specifically Sky-Tec starters and various associated application notes.  


Postings to this area are meant to inform and in some cases, to entertain.   If you have a specific question about your aircraft's starting system, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it in detail.


We welcome new ideas and submissions for possible posting to this area.  If you have some ideas, links or non-copyrighted articles you feel would enhance the Tech Letters section, please send them to us. 

Title Topic Applicability Date
Ring Gear/Ring Gear Support Assembly Mismatches General LYC 1/2015
Uncommon: NL Starter Installation on PA22 requires modifications to Oil Cooler Diagonal Brace Installation NL 2/2013
Debunking the "Too Fast" Myth Lycoming Starters LYC 2/2012
Continental O200/O300 Pull Start vs. Key Start Explained Installation CONT, ST2 9/2011
Alternator Strap & Bolt / Thread on Starter Alternator Boss Installation LYC, CONT, ALL 10/2010
Experimental NL Starter Wiring Option Installation NL, EXP 2/2009
Weight & Balance Form W&B Installation ALL 2/2009
Sizing Best Wire Gauge for Starter Cable Electrical ALL 1/2009
Aircraft Wiring by Professor Eustis P. Dimdle AGI, PHD, ASPCA Comedy Hopefully NONE 3/2008
Video: Sky-Tec New Product development news
by Professor Eustis P. Dimdle AGI, PHD, ASPCA
Comedy Hopefully NONE 9/2010
HT/ec Application Notice General HT 2/2008
Battery Comparison General ALL 1/2008
Ring Gear Types on Lycoming Engines 122 vs. 149 General LYC 10/2007
Battery Tech General ALL 9/2007
HT Starter Installation on Robinson Helicopters Installation HT 8/2007
ST2 Shear Pin Replacement Service Instruction ST2 5/2007
Service Bulletin SB07-01 Rev. D Service Bulletin PM 4/2007
Jumper Wire 101 Installation LYC, LS, PM, HT, NL 3/2007
Competitive Comparisons - Why Buy Sky-Tec Ownership ALL 3/2007
NLR Installation on PA-31 LTIO-540 (Right Engine) Installation NL 1/2006
Stuck Firewall Solenoids (Usually Cessna) Troubleshooting LYC, LS, PM, HT, NL, CONT, ST3 Updated 6/2005
Continental C12ST3 Cessna 172 O-300-D Starter Solenoid Relocation Installation CONT, ST3, 172 5/2005
Continental C12ST2 Starter Conversion Certification Pack Certification CONT, ST2 4/2005
Continental C12ST2 Starter Conversion Wiring Diagram Installation CONT, ST2 1/2005
Proper Use & Care of Aircraft Starters Warranty LYC, CONT, ALL 1/2005
Continental Starter Leaking Oil Troubleshooting CONT, ST2 11/2004
Troubleshooting Diagram Troubleshooting LYC, CONT, ALL 10/2002
Aircraft Electrical Wiring Standards Electrical LYC, CONT, ALL 9/2004
Resetting the NL Shear Pin Troubleshooting LYC, NL 10/2003
Experimental Aircraft Wiring Diagram Electrical LYC, HT, LS, PM 1/2001
Helicopter Wiring Diagram Electrical LYC, HT, NL 6/2003
Cub Oil Cooler Bracket Modification Diagram Installation LYC, PM, NL 2/2002
Converting Continental Pull Start to Push Button Installation CONT, ST2 8/2001
Kickbacks Troubleshooting LYC, CONT, ALL 11/2002
Certification Notes Certification LYC, CONT, ALL 2/2004
Sky-Tec Warranty Warranty LYC, CONT, ALL 2/2000



Rich's Favorites:

  Converting the Continental Pull-Start to Sky-Tec Push Button 

I spent a lot of time on these pages, please pay a visit.


  Shear Pin Movie 

We replaced an old starter with a broken Bendix with a new Sky-Tec.  Within a few starts, the starter spins but the prop doesn't move.  What do I do?
Replace the KPS shear pin (NL MOVIE).  And find the cause of the Kickback..  
For small Continentals with ST2 starters, click here.

  What size wire? 

As amateur-built aircraft production outpaces certified aircraft production, this question arises with increasing regularity.  Click here for a helpful guide.






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