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Engine Manufacturer Sky-Tec Starter Model Eligibility 
(see applicable AML contained within each document below)
Lycoming HT, HT/ec, LS or PM PMA PQ0852SW Supplement 1
Lycoming HTL PMA PQ0852SW Supplement 3
Lycoming NL, NLR, NL/ec, NLR/ec PMA PQ0852SW Supplement 7
Continental C12ST2, C12ST2/S, C12ST2/SR PMA PQ0852SW Supplement 5
Continental C12ST3, C24ST3 PMA PQ0852SW Supplement 8
Continental C12ST5, C24ST5 PMA PQ0852SW Supplement 6
Continental KCSW (also part of KCST2 Kit) PMA PQ0852SW Supplement 9
Lycoming XLT PMA PQ0852SW Supplement 10
Continental C12ST4, C24ST4 PMA PQ0852SW Supplement 12
Franklin F12ST2, F24ST2 PMA PQ0852SW Supplement 13

Solenoids Sky-Tec Solenoid Models Eligibility 
(see applicable AML contained within each document below)
Starter, Master and Continuous Duty (Aux) Solenoids STS-(all) PMA PQ0852SW Supplement 11

Sky-Tec's master PMA authorization letter from the FAA


What to do if your aircraft (or engine) isn't listed on the PMA AML(s)?


Is it a "vintage aircraft"?  Refer to FAA Advisory Circular 23-27 which defines "vintage" as any small aircraft "type certificated before January 1, 1980."


FAA AC 23-27 permits you to "install substitute/alternate engine parts for a...original equipment or a PMA part for the engine installed on your aircraft" if "a) The...part is PMA approved for a certificated engine, even if that engine is not the model approved for use on your aircraft model, and b) if the part is identical to...the part for your engine model, or is listed as an approved substitute part by the engine manufacturer, then you may install the alternate part, and document the installations with only a logbook entry."


Notes of explanation on Lycoming Applications:


All Sky-Tec Lycoming starters are manufactured under authority of the FAA via FAA PMA supplements listed above.  Lycoming Service Instruction 1154(current revision) provides additional documentation authorizing these starters to be installed as a replacement for identical or any previously certified Lycoming starter.   Prior to these methods of eligibility, Sky-Tec HT, PM & LS starters were certified via FAA STC.  Those STC's are no longer relevant.  Again, all new installations of Sky-Tec starters are eligible via FAA PMA.  No STC or 337 paperwork is required for Sky-Tec Lycoming starter installations.


Also, some foreign governing entities will require additional authority for installation of an FAA-PMA part.  One that comes to mind is the 149-NL/ec starter on the 24V Cessna 172R & S and 182S product lines which is authorized by Cessna CPDS (use your CPDS access to verify).

Notes of explanation on Continental Applications:


Sky-Tec starter C12ST2 is certified by PMA PQ0852SW Supplement 5 as a replacement part for OEM Continental O-200 "key start" starters and authorization is by the PMA PQ0852SW Supplement 5.  Therefore, no 337's are required for these applications.  Like the Lycoming starters, the only paperwork required is an engine logbook entry by the installing A&P and a W&B change in the AFM.


Sky-Tec starter C12ST2/S is certified by PMA PQ0852SW Supplement 5 as a replacement part for OEM Continental IO-240 "key start" starters.  Therefore, no 337's are required for these applications.  Like the Lycoming starters, the only paperwork required is an engine logbook entry by the installing A&P and a W&B change in the AFM.


Starter C12ST2/S is also certified for use as a replacement for OEM Continental pull-type starters on Continental Engines C85-12 through O300-C by Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) by means of modifying the engine per STC SE10076SC (see Converting a Pull-Start).  Additionally, the installation of a push-button switch to operate the starter is authorized in STC SA10077SC which details replacement of a factory pull-start mechanism with the Sky-Tec supplied push button switch and wiring (supplied with starter in KCST2 or separately as KCSW).  Important note:  Replacing the original pull-start mechanism with a key-start is NOT certified under this STC, nor is doing so recommended by Sky-Tec.  Doing so on a certified aircraft will require the aircraft owner to seek a Field Approval by an appropriately certified FAA representative.


Ancient History for Lycoming Applications:


Sky-Tec LS, PM and HT starters were originally certified with eligibility via STC (see Lycoming Starter STC's below).  If on the slim chance your starter installation was approved under STC eligibility, your installation required an FAA form 337 to be filed by an IA.  The STC's (no longer used but still valid) are:

If you have starter  Then refer to STC*
149-12PM or 122-12PM
149-12LS or 122-12LS
149-24PM or 122-24PM
149-24LS or 122-24LS
149-12HT or 122-12HT SE1081NE
149-24HT or 122-24HT SE00226NY

*Remember, STCs are ONLY required if your Lycoming engine never had a starter on it previously.  Otherwise, refer to Lycoming Service Instruction #1154 (see links above).  As such, these STC's are only available by contacting Sky-Tec during regular business hours (8a-5p CST).

Although PMA certification by test & computation supersedes the need for the use of the STC as authority for installation, an installation by STC is still valid.

Notes of explanation on Franklin Applications:


Sky-Tec F12ST1 are no longer in production and can no longer be supported by our factory due to the unavailability of parts.  Installed units are eligible for continued use by PMA PQ0852SW Supplement 4 on Franklin engines 4A-235 thru 6V-350. Like the Lycoming installations, the "FAA-PMA" nameplate on the starter, logbook entry by certified A&P and a W&B change in the AFM are all that are needed to certify the installation of the Sky-Tec Franklin starter (copies of the PMA are for your information only and are never required for certification).


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