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For a Printer-Friendly version of this warranty, please click here.


Sky-Tec Partners, Ltd. (“Sky-Tec”) warrants its starters to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years from the latter of:

1. The date of purchase by the end user (as supported by an invoice copy or similar document).

2. The date of installation on an aircraft (as supported by a copy of the logbook entry showing the installation date). 

What is covered:


Factory rebuild or factory issued replacement of any starter Sky-Tec determines has failed under the terms of this warranty if and only if the original starter is sent to Sky-Tec for evaluation. 


To be considered eligible for warranty credit, DO NOT PURCHASE A REPLACEMENT STARTER FROM A DEALER. Sky-Tec will not offer warranty credit for replacement starters purchased through a dealer. All warranty claims must be handled directly with Sky-Tec. Labor expenses to remove and replace the starter are not covered by this warranty.

Before returning any starter to Sky-Tec for warranty consideration, first consult the Aircraft Troubleshooting Guide supplied (also available online). To return a starter to Sky-Tec for service, first obtain a return authorization electronically online at www.skytecair.com/obtain_ra.htm.

Starters returned to the factory via UPS with a valid Return Authorization number are typically rebuilt or replaced the same day they are received. Other carriers and/or circumstances may increase turn- around to 1-2 days. 

Alternatively, Sky-Tec may offer a warranty exchange program to any customer requiring expedited replacement. The customer will be responsible for purchasing a replacement starter directly from Sky-Tec and returning their original starter directly to Sky-Tec for evaluation. If the starter is found to have failed under the terms of this warranty, appropriate credit will be given to the customer for the value of the starter plus the actual domestic UPS Ground shipping charges if actually incurred. Customers will be responsible for any additional expedited shipping charges. Alternatively, a customer may receive core credit regardless of warrantability of the returned starter. 

Sky-Tec makes no warranty as to suitability of its products for the intended application.


What is not covered: 


  1. Labor to Remove & Replace the starter;

  2. Damage to any other engine or aircraft components or any non-starter-related expense(s);

  3. Compensation for the cost any starter purchased from any third party, agent or distributor besides Sky-Tec to replace any failed starter;

  4. Starters used in any improper application;

  5. Starters improperly installed. Ring gear/starter mismatches are the sole responsibility of the installing mechanic and/or aircraft owner;

  6. Starters serviced in the field by removing or replacing any components not specifically instructed and/or supplied by Sky-Tec;

  7. Starters determined to have failed by application of voltage in excess of amount specified on starter name plate (physical evidence: armature will be splayed and/or exploded due to the forces of over-rotation and the associated centripetal force WITHOUT discoloration of commutator bars or heat warping of brush insulator);

  8. Starters determined to have failed by application of voltage in excess of cranking time specified on the starter tag that ships with all starters (physical evidence: copper armature bars discolored to white/purple hues, brush wires are discolored similarly, brush insulator is warped or scorched, smell of burnt metal evident, etc.);

  9. Starters determined to have failed by a counter-rotational force caused by the engine’s ignition system failing to retard all sparks at or past piston TDC during the cranking period aka “kickback” (physical evidence: broken planetary gear(s), bent or broken mount, broken or displaced magnets, broken or chipped brush assemblies, broken drive components and/or excessively worn or damaged drive gear teeth) except those noted below;

  10. Starters containing any foreign substance or debris including motor oil, cleaning agents or foreign particles not found in the starter’s normal composition (physical evidence: presence of substance within starter causing solenoids or motor brush assemblies to wear prematurely and/or function improperly);

  11. Starters within specifications that operate normally (i.e. the starter is good). Warranty applies to starters with defects, not good starters. Starter will be returned to customer.  If refused, core credit may be given to the customer should the core be determined to be rebuildable at Sky-Tec’s sole discretion; or

  12. Starters damaged by impact, shock, excessive shaking or other physical abuse (physical evidence: dents to starter components, loose or stripped connection terminals, and bent components not caused by defects in components, design or workmanship). 

Additional Warranty Notes

IMPORTANT Note for All Starters


Sky-Tec does NOT warrant damage to non-starter components or any non-starter-related expense(s) including labor, inconvenience, transportation or loss of business due to any starter failure.


Additional Notes for Some Sky-Tec Model Starters:


Warranty does not cover normal shearing of NL-series starter kickback protection shear pins. Shear pin replacement is to be performed in the field.

Warranty does cover any NL-series  starter that becomes damaged as a result of the kickback protection system failing to protect the starter (shear pin). 

Warranty does cover any Clutched HT or Clutched ST2 model that becomes damaged should the self-resetting kickback protection clutch fail to protect all starter components. 


Additional Notes for NL Model Starters:


The NL and NL/ec starters are designed to fit nearly every Lycoming aircraft application by simulating the location of various mounting points found on the old, heavy OEM starters. As such, NL starters feature four machined aluminum bosses cast into the starter mount. These bosses are not required for proper function of the NL and NL/ec starters but serve only to support accessories on/around the starter. If a specific aircraft installation requires the alteration or removal of one or all four of these bosses, customers may remove the bosses without loss of any warranty privileges. Acceptable means of removal include cutting and/or grinding without incurring any damage to other starter components or features. However, starter damage or starter failure due to the improper or inappropriate removal of these bosses will not be covered under the factory warranty.

  We Fly Behind them AND We Stand Behind Them Too 

Sky-Tec starters have a very successful service record in the industry.  All Sky-Tec starters are engineered to exceed 2700 hours of service before requiring overhaul.



  Proof in Numbers 

Of the more than 100,000 Sky-Tec starters currently flying, fewer than 5% come in each year for maintenance.  Nearly all of these are worn-out and simply need repair/overhaul or are victims of kickbacks or overcranks.




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