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Sky-Tec Announces FAA PMA Certification and General Availability

of Lightest 4-cylinder Lycoming Engine Starter Ever

Granbury, Texas September 16, 2013 Sky-Tec Flyweight Starters is pleased to announce FAA PMA Certification and general availability of the lightest weight Lycoming engine starter ever.  


The Sky-Tec XLT model starters weigh just 6.5 lbs. yet produce every bit as much torque as Sky-Tec's long successful Flyweight(tm) LS and PM starters and are capable of cranking nearly all 4-cylinder Lycoming engines from the smallest O-235 to the newest high compression IO-390 engines.


The new starters utilize Sky-Tec's time-proven performance and reliability features such as recently highly ruggedized electromechanical solenoids which eliminate the troublesome Bendix drives found on traditional heavyweight starters.  The XLT line also employs Sky-Tec's exclusive Strontium-fortified aluminum alloy castings virtually eliminating the possibility of starter housing damage due to engine kickbacks.  


Weighing just 6.5 lbs., XLT starters replace heavyweight Bendix starters weighing as over eighteen pounds on some applications for a net loss of more than twelve pounds on some aircraft.


The XLT is ideal for most 4-cylinder Lycoming engine powered aircraft that are weight sensitive such as high performance Cubs and any other aircraft that can benefit from removing as much as twelve pounds from the nose of the aircraft.  The XLT is also an excellent complement to engine and propeller STC's which require an offsetting weight reduction to maintain CG.  


All XLT models are FAA PMA certified as replacement parts for 4-cylinder Lycoming engines.  There is no STC paperwork to complete or file with the FAA.  A logbook entry and weight and balance change are all that are required to install and fly the XLT on eligible engines.  For a list of eligible engine applications, see skytecair.com/eligibility.htm .


XLT starters are available in both 12V and 24V and 122-tooth and 149-tooth compatible configurations from all Sky-Tec dealers.  For a list of Sky-Tec distributors, visit skytecair.com/dealers.htm .


About Sky-Tec

Sky-Tec Partners, Ltd. engineers, designs, manufactures and supports lightweight, high-torque starters for piston engine powered aircraft. Based in Granbury, Texas, Sky-Tec offers a complete line of starters for Lycoming and Continental engines. For more about Sky-Tec, visit www.skytecair.com.




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