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Before sending any starter to Sky-Tec for service, please:


  1. Please make sure the starter is indeed the problem.  Complete steps 1 & 2 of the Sky-Tec Troubleshooting guide 

  2. Please read and understand the terms of the Sky-Tec Factory Warranty before requesting any warranty credit or service.

  3. Please understand that you are responsible for all inbound shipping charges including but not limited to shipping, duties, taxes, and entry prep fees, regardless of whether warranty service applies or not.

  4. Please click the red box to obtain a Return Authorization Number:


Once Sky-Tec receives your starter, we will inspect & test it, determine what if any rebuilding is required and contact you to finalize payment and shipping preferences prior to rebuilding your starter. Or, to avoid delays, you may also choose to provide rebuild, shipping & payment instructions in the package and Sky-Tec will turn your service order around immediately.


Should you choose UPS to deliver your package, Sky-Tec will make every effort to turn your starter rebuild or overhaul around the same day it is received.  Other carriers will require a next-day turn-around.  In rare cases, however, rebuilding may take longer than the same or even next day.


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